BRIEF: To develop a storyboard for use in a seasonal lookbook for a luxury children’s wear brand. To use engaging language that will appeal to children whose first language may not be English.


It’s a bright, sunny afternoon, and three children play happily together. A boy called Beau flies his paper plane through the air, whooping with delight. A beautiful girl by the name of Belle skips after butterflies, while a little baby called Bébé gurgles as he watches his kite swooping high in the sky.

Suddenly, a flock of friendly birds arrives and tells the children a very sad story. The magical tree where the birds live has lost all its beautiful colours. They need the children to help bring life back to their enchanting home. The children agree at once, and the birds give them a map so they can find their way.

Bubbling with excitement, the three children set off on an adventure to find the magical tree. Along the way, Beau and Belle skip through long, swishy grasses, dance over rolling hills, and jump over musical streams. Their delightful chatter echoes all around.

Clever Bébé knows he will never be able to keep up with Belle and Beau by crawling, so he simply holds on to the tail of his favourite kite. Bébé and the kite soar over the fields, trees and streams below. Bébé giggles into the wind and waves down at Beau and Belle.

At last, the children all arrive at the magical tree. They rush over to look at its perfect branches and lovely leaves. As they get closer, their joy and laughter touches the tree and wondrous things start to happen. Incredible colours and patterns begin to reappear on the tree’s leaves.

The birds are so thankful to the children for bringing the colour and magic back to their beloved tree, that they grant the children one wish each. Beau, Belle and Bébé let their imaginations run free…

Beau doesn’t have to think for long. His wish is to fly in his plane over the oceans and mountains, before gliding up into space, zooming past spinning planets and twinkling stars.

With a huge smile, Belle tells the birds of her own wish. She has always wanted to be a pretty princess who lives in a fairytale castle, surrounded by baby animals, beautiful butterflies and delicious treats to eat.

Bébé can’t talk but he thinks very hard about his wish, and the birds understand. Gently, they place Bébé on a bouncy, white cloud and take him on a wonderfully exciting ride through the warm, blue sky.

Soon, it’s time for Beau, Belle and Bébé to wave goodbye to their friends the birds. They set sail on a journey to find another magical adventure where they hope to see you again too…

Havas PR